Token structure and economics

Total supply: 10,000,000 SOAR


40% Airdrop

40% Initial liquidity (locked 6 months 50% unlocked every 3 months)

20% Product development + Marketing + V2 drop (75% locked for 3 months)


We introduced the SOAR token to the market with an airdrop and a fair launch.

1. No pre-fundraising of SOAR tokens took place. (presale, VCs).

2. 40% of the SOAR total supply has been airdropped.

3. At launch, the team provided the liquidity.


Soar.Fi’s ecosystem token swapper. Developed and ready to launch.


Liquidity Migrator

The Liquidity Migrator is a practical framework enabling the control of liquidity by exchanging it from one pool to another. Use-cases: seamless liquidity swap for users & absorb or merge liquidity for projects. Liquidity Migrator v2 will further improve its use case to increase adoption.


Volume Harvester

Volume Harvesting is a perpetual contest that rewards wallets trading the most SOAR volume. This program is designed to enhance SOAR volume and increase the rewards holders receive from our fee redistribution mechanism.


Cross-Chain Bridge

Cross-chain bridge between ETH and BSC networks.



BSC (Binance Smart Chain) compatibility for SOAR and the Liquidity Migrator.


Network Observer

Dashboard meant for users to observe deep-data on SOAR token. It includes SOAR holdings, a real-time chart for SOAR token on multiple time-frames, weekly projected earnings, recent trades, and more, all under one transparent real-time updated platform.



The launchpad of the ecosystem. It will be a complete package to bootstrap projects curated from within our community.

Launching – Q3 2021.


Professional Marketing

A professional marketing team will be hired to promote SOAR and its products. (professional content, social media, and community management).

Planned for June-July 2021


Liquidity Migrator V2

Shifting gears with the Liquidity Migrator and focusing on increasing its adoption. ETH, BSC and MATIC based tokens will be able to apply to get whitelisted and integrated into the Liquidity Migrator.
Later on, swaps will have a tax on swap, which will be automatically added to the SOAR reserve, to fund the ecosystem development and sustain the token price.

Ethereum Version – Released

BSC Version – Released

Polygon Version – Released


SOAR Revamping

We are giving a new, improved form to the SOAR website and its information.

– Easier to understand
– Straightforward access to products
– New, improved website & high-end graphics

Planned for Q2 – Q3 2021